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UK’s first all-electric ‘filling’ station opens

First Electric Forecourt - Braintree, Essex

The first ‘Electric Forecourt’ in the UK is open for business near Braintree in Essex.

Funded by Gridserve, Hitachi Capital (UK) PLC, Innovate UK and OZEV, electricity is generated from both the solar power canopies above the chargers, and a network of hybrid solar farms, also operated by Gridserve.

Gridserve says “the site offers convenient, ultra-fast, and low-cost charging to make EV driving an enjoyable, ultra-convenient and stress-free experience”.

Inside the Electric Forecourt, Essex

The first of a planned 100 Electric Forecourt ‘filling’ stations  due to open near towns, cities and major transport routes across the UK in the next five years, it will pave the way to mass electric vehicle (EV) adoption well ahead of the 2030 petrol and diesel ban.

The Electric Forecourt in Braintree will:

  • Charge up to 36 EVs simultaneously at speeds of up to 350kW – amongst the fastest commercially available in the UK
  • Add 200 miles of range in as little as 20 minutes (and much faster in the future when EVs become more advanced)
  • Cater for all drivers’ needs, including a “best of British” retail experience from WHSmith, Costa Coffee, Post Office, Booths, and others

Drivers charging at the Electric Forecourt will initially pay just 24p per kWh of energy (including VAT), which the lowest ultra-high power charging rates on the market today – meaning a typical charge from 20-80% costs under £10 for an average-size electric vehicle.

“As we accelerate towards cleaner and greener transport, I’m delighted to see the future of service stations being brought to life with the opening of the UK’s first all-electric forecourt,” said Transport Minister Rachel Maclean.

“Government funding has helped make this dream a reality and with £2.8bn of support to encourage the uptake of zero emission vehicles, there has never been a better time to make the switch.”