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Here’s a Taste of The Cars That Are Coming In The Year 2021

The automobile industry is rapidly changing. To say that the car market is undergoing a revolution is an understatement. With manufacturers seeking more eco-friendly options, electric cars are reaching new capabilities. And it does not stop there either.
With wild new sensors and radars,  these cars are becoming technological powerhouses. If your set of wheels is beginning to disappoint, check out this impressive list of cars coming to yous streets in 2021.

Toyota Venza

Estimated cost: $30,000

The Toyota Venza is back again and is sleek as ever. It may not be the greatest off-roader but it sure is an amazing lifestyle vehicle. The car can go up to 40 mpg while offering a standard all-wheel-drive by mounting an electric motor on the back axle.

The combination of the brake torque vectoring and sport-tuned suspension make it a fun and enjoyable drive. There is also the option of the panoramic electro-chromatic glass roof. This little feature can either brighten or darkens with just the push of a button.