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Is this Chevy Monte Carlo SS Aerocoupe the right way to Monte Carlo?

A few weeks ago, Hemmings Blog asked readers if they would favor an early Buick Grand National or a Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS from the early 1980s, from the standpoint of picking a car for driving enjoyment rather than investment. More readers preferred the Grand National, with its choice of 4.1-liter V6 good for 125 hp or a turbocharged 3.8-liter V6 that produced 175 hp, rather than the 175-hp, 305-cubic-inch V8-engine Monte Carlo SS. The collector car market tends to agree; the Buick Grand Nationals of the era, especially the very early ones, are rarer than the Monte Carlo SS, with only 215 produced for the 1982 model year.

Those readers who picked the latter Monte Carlo SS — and this car definitely has fans — now have the opportunity to gaze upon an ever rarer version of their choice: A recent Hemmings Find of The Day is a 1987 Chevy Monte Carlo SS Aerocoupe with just 37,246 claimed miles on the clock.

This car is described by the seller as always garage-kept and free of any modifications during its life. Finished in 12U metallic silver over gray upholstery, the Monte Carlo SS Aerocoupe is reportedly just one of 6,052 Aerocoupes produced during the entire run of the model, with black, silver and white being the rarer colors — most were ordered in maroon.

“The paint is in fabulous condition, as are the original SS graphics,” the seller states. “There is no cracking, peeling or fading. Panel gaps are excellent throughout, including the finicky plastic fillers at the front and rear of the car. All of the glass appears to be original and shows the factory Soft Ray etching, including the irreplaceable rear window which gives the car its ‘Aerocoupe’ name.

This car features just about all the options that were offered on the Monte Carlo SS.PHOTO BY HEMMINGS

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Options on this car include cruise control, tilt steering, positraction rear differential, heavy-duty suspension, a Delco AM/FM radio, auxiliary lighting, a rear defroster, four speakers and, of course, the 305-cubic-inch V8 engine. Just about every other available option is on this car as well, including power steering, air conditioning, power windows and power locks.

“The car includes its original Owner’s Manual and warranty information card, two OEM T-Top covers and its unused spare tire,” the seller adds. “Approximately $1,900 was spent in April 2017 to make necessary improvements. The right rear axle seal was replaced, and the rear drum brakes were rebuilt. New brake lines to the wheel cylinders were fabricated and the entire system was flushed. The drive belts were replaced, including three V-belts and the serpentine belt.”

With an asking price of $22,500 out of Potomac, Maryland, on paper this example of the Aerocoupe appears ready to play some righteous Metallica cassette tapes while drawing stern looks from The Law. Is this your ’80s dream GM performance coupe?