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World’s first Aston Martin Vulcan made street-legal in RML Group conversion

One of the bonkers track-only Aston Martin Vulcans is now fully legal to drive on the road in the U.K. Thanks to RML Group, a high-performance engineering company out of the U.K., some lucky owner can now make everybody’s jaws drop as they rumble on by in their $2.3 million “track car.”

Modifications to the maroon machine are aplenty. To begin with, RML needed to enclose the Vulcan’s signature stick taillights and add headlights to the front of the car. Units from a DB11 were pulled to light the way ahead, and the stick taillights still look great in their glass enclosures. The coolest exterior modification of all might have to be the car’s “wingdicators” (turn signal lights). Mounted on the vertical side portions of the wing, they’re about as awesome of a solution as there could be for turn indicators.

RML Group fitted street tires onto the Vulcan as well to help it out on the UK’s rainy roads.PHOTO BY RML GROUP

The 7.0-liter V12 engine was left unchanged — it still spits out 820 hp to the rear wheels. However, since the Vulcan is a track car from the factory, additional cooling in the form of fans needed to be added to survive stop-and-go traffic. Suspension modifications include a 1.2-inch lift in hopes the driver won’t destroy all of the fancy carbon fiber hanging dangerously close to the ground.

The seats needed to be swapped for more comfortable ones, and tweaks to the six-speed sequential transmission were necessary to make it easier on the road. Of course, only 24 Vulcans exist, so don’t expect to see many more of these running around near you — especially here in the U.S., where it’s much more difficult to make something road-legal if it didn’t begin life that way.