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Hilarious signs only found in Texas

Texans are tough cookies, and we all know they aren’t to be messed with! That’s why when you see some of the signage around the state you might be surprised by their humor but also how straight to the point they appear. Texans can be dry and witty, but this is all within a friendly embrace. Whether you live in Texas or visiting you would be best advised to actually listen to what these signs are telling you, otherwise who knows what might happen…

Signs in Texas can take care in showing you how to avoid dangerous situations and possible death, especially a painful one. The tone can sometimes be a bit condescending making you feel silly for even contemplating that you might ignore the warning on the sign. Lesson number one; listen to what the sign is telling you!


Firearms are relatively common in Texas, and this sign looks to cover all of the options.

With an air of humor about it, the owners of this establishment clearly don’t want people to take their firearms out of their holsters, but if you are doing so to help them with someone trying to rob them, you will be thanked.